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kindness is all i have, if you don’t want that, then i don’t know what else to tell you

except goodbye.

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naked body fresh out the shower

you touch yourself afterhours

why do you have this dirty ass skeleton

he’s obviously not dirty he just took a fuckin shower got dam

He lost the fire challenge

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I like the real you more than the instagram you

Is that B Rad also? Anyone?

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Melissa drew me today

Solid <3

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The Paradox of Choice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What’s Wrong With Dating in New York City and Me, a Novel by Me.

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Francesca Jane Allen



These are great

Bill Murray & Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation

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No Shows - Gerard Way

Dig it, because I doooooo.

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??


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hmmmm yeah, tumblr would celebrate Aviation Day, marking barely over a century of human flight when birds had been flying for millions of years before the Wright brothers. never forget.

Tumblr hereby recognizes the accomplishments of birds. 

LOL thanks Tumblr.

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Here's What a 100-Year-Old Sex Therapist Thinks is Wrong With Sex Today

Deciding what’s important in life, what you actually desire, not what others think you should desire, is so important.

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