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Pounce lesson pt. 3. Val is a sore loser @rachelmcjackson @mtoujiline 😸

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Pounce lesson pt. 2 @mtoujiline

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Sunday morning pounce training pt. 1 with @mtoujiline

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Mommy #soproud #iloveher #rosietheriveter @kitty_pick

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My friend’s boyfriend chose to stay home to buy bitcoin in order to illegally buy drugs and drug paraphernalia online instead of going to Prospect Park with my friend for a nice picnic dinner with kittens and the sunset.

So many things wrong with this. Dude, you gotta get outta there.

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life is short and weird and it’s important to tell people how you really feel about them

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Artist: The Fratellis

Track: Baby Doll
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Babydoll do you believe they’ll catch you when you fall?
And when morning comes, the sun is gonna shine?
Don’t forget, your minor keys your half lit cigarette
'Cause when morning comes, god knows that you'll be mine.
So let me in, I’m ready to beg and to sing for my sins.
Not leave it to chance and sweet coincidence.
'Cause that's just crazy and you know it's true.

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You know what though…

I’m tired of feeling scared and fragile. That is who I used to be. Crumbling at any sign of a storm. Crying in public places, and not being able to breathe and control myself. Immediately reacting based on a negative experience that I had when I was in other relationships.

I guess I got so mad at you because I wasn’t taking my own advice. I was reacting based on things that you didn’t do, but I assumed you would do. I wasn’t leaving the past in the ground where it lies now. Dead as any issue. 

I know I’m so much better than this, I’ve known it for a while now. I don’t want to fall into old patterns, I want to draw new and even more beautiful ones. I want to live my life in love and not in fear and hate. I know that’s what you want to do too. I know we’re both in the same place. I don’t want to be scared, and you don’t want to be bitter and angry. 

There’s no reason why we can’t do this together.


That person does not exist ANYWHERE. I gotta continue to appreciate you and love you like I want to be appreciated and loved. I’m sorry for pushing away so quickly. That was dumb and a defense mechanism. 

We’re not over. I think this is a new chance. 

Can we go to Panama now? :)

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daphne groeneveld for antidote ss14 by cuneyt akeroglu

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the year is 2040 you are still not superior for not listening to pop music

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+ if something’s popular it’s for a reason

+ there’s no such thing as undeserved success

+ fame is superficial and temporary

+ the new nicki minaj album cover art is the truuuth


Wonder Woman Annual #1

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